The Association has developed a rigorous Code of Ethics to which each member subscribes and has adopted uncompromising performance standards to assure our customers and clients the finest, safest outdoor adventure possible. Every WOGA outfitter, on land or water, has pledged:

  • To operate safely with a minimum of hazard to client or staff.

  • To insure the health and well-being and humane treatment of any animals used.

  • To coordinate with the overall goals and aims of the Association.

  • To operate within the letter and spirit of laws and regulations governing their activity.

  • To provide only competent, well-trained staff and assistants.

  • To conduct their activities at the level described in advertising or promotional material.

  • To provide only legitimate services as declared by the Federal or State governing agency.

When you are choosing an outfitter or guide for any outdoor activity, insist on selecting a member of WOGA. This is your assurance that your guide will be properly licensed and permitted, carries full insurance, and is thoroughly qualified to see you and your party through any situation.